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Alamid - Alamid
In 1994, Philippine rock band Alamid released its debut album, Alamid. The band's music is centered upon searing rock guitar, tasty keyboards, and emotive singing. The first track, "Nasaan Ka Katarungan" ("Where Is the Justice"), opens on the jingle-jangle of reverb-drenched guitar picking, as searing lead guitar leaps from the mix and the song's tempo picks up dramatically. The song's hard rhythmic drive is amplified by the vocalist's full-bodied, emotive singing and the incessant pounding of the drums. The song is hard rock, nearly metal, and is a welcome change from the easy-listening love song that dominates the Philippine music scene. Alamid also performs several love songs, but these have more substance than the usual love songs performed here. "Your Love" is a fine, piano-driven ballad, featuring a strong chorus that sears itself into a listener's memory cells. "Your Love" won Song of the Year at the 1995 NU107 Rock Awards. "Candle in the Rain" is another fine ballad, and is boosted by a strong melodic hook in the backing vocals. The song also contains warm keyboards as well as searing lead guitar. The engaging "China Eyes" is a melodic hard rock song that features pretty and imaginative violin work (presumably played on keyboard synthesizer). "Echoing Silence" moves on a spirited rock backbeat. The band also has a social conscious -- "Chaotic World" is a depiction of the many problems and injustices that plague the Philippines, including the horror of war in the several insurgencies that afflicted areas of the country. Alamid is also well-balanced in its pacing, and is a fine debut album.