Goodmorning lyrics

Woke up i’m in the in between honey
One foot out and i know the weight is coming
Because i left it by the bed last night
Open my eyes and i stare and pray for light
Always one foot out when you say goodbye to the one that you love
One dream away from the ones above
That’s such a rhythm in my life these days
So i hold on tight and I learn to behave

Because i lied to you
I like to you
I lied to your face in the summer
You had long hair then
Lookout because i’m coming back from the dead

Good morning to the cops
Good morning to my upstairs neighbor
And to the kids at 42
Anyone who lent me a favor
I wish that i could stop
Now i wish that i could live a little safer
I’m watching all of the nights go blue
Anyone who lent me a favor soon

Woke up in the corner store
Someone saying my name
Everybody moving around
Acting like nothing had changed
But something had changed in me
Yeah she touched me said I know you’re not to blame
What a weight to live under
What a lie that’s been covered
I’m talking about rolling thunder
I know i left you on the street last night
So I’m holding on grabbing at a light

Because I lied to you
I lied to you
I lied to your face in the summer
I had my hair short then
So lookout because I’m coming back from the dead

It’s always been you
I gotta get myself back home soon

Bleachers - Goodmorning (Song Lyrics)
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