[Chris Brown]
I'm in the club, eyes look hella lazy
I only showed up, 'cause you paid me
No rope in my VIP, the club wasted
All these different bitches, it look like it's immigration
Virginia boy, yeah I do this for my city
Two up, two down is what I write across your tittie
Better give me them hundreds, I ain't tryin' to count no fifties
Banging 2 Chainz on 26, as I'm ridin' around and I'm gettin' it

[2 Chainz]
Yeah, uh, 2 Chainz
I got gator on my Gucci's, like the crocodile hump (hump)
Blew my cell up (up), suicide bomber (bomber)
Car jack died, it got suicide doors
And I'm so high (high), only God knows
Pull up shawty, roll up (roll up)
.45 around my scortum (scrotum)
When I say hol' up (hol' up)
Every motherfucker hol' up (true)
And it's in my culture to be standin' on the sofa (yeah)
See, even if I was on Opera, I be standin' on the sofa (damn)
I'm a ghetto boy, tall version of Bushwick
Like AI, my crew thick, so many hoes and they knew dick (uh)
New car, new crib, cash where my Trap at (yeah)
Shawty gave me that head, yeah she got that snapback
And you know her ass fat, and you know I cash eyed
All this ice on me, I'm killing' 'em by a landslide (yeah)
And you know I can't dive, I'm so fly, I even hand glide
In first class, with my Rollie on, air time, air time, air time

Chris Brown - In Da Club (Song Lyrics)
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