Interlude (Vince Staples) Lyrics

Tyler, The Creator: Can you, I don't know if you've ever said this in an interview, can you tell them your theory, on how Ray J, has never taken an L?

Vince Staples: Ray J will never lose, Ray J is the man, Ray J is probably top 5, hip-hop, West Coast of all time

Interviewer: Why? Why do you feel this way, Vince?

Vince Staples: Does Ray J not have hits?

Interviewer: He has a couple hits

Vince Staples: Ray J was the first Blood on a record that was certified. Have you seen the [?] interview?

Interviewer: No, what did he say in it?

Vince Staples: So, without Ray J, there is no game. This interview, first Ray J album, peep that out. I was just a youngster hanging on the 9 block. Okay?

Tyler, The Creator: It's, it's, it's more facts like, he has...

Interviewer: Facts, why, what you mean he never takes an L? He always end up winning?

Vince Staples: You like Kanye West music don't you?

Interviewer: Of course I do

Vince Staples: You like Moesha don't you?

Interviewer: Of course

Vince Staples: You like VH1 don't you?

Interviewer: VH1 is a great channel

Vince Staples: Ray J has had a hand in everything that's occurred in black culture. Nigga disrespected the money team. Ray J was the first to hop up. Bro, everything that we love is directly directed to Ray J. Period

Tyler, The Creator : Excuse me

Vince Staples: For the, for the, for the love of Ray J

Interviewer: For the love

Vince Staples: Love & Hip-Hop, Ray J. That was the name of that fucking song on that show, period

Interviewer: Woah, woah. Corey, can you work on getting a Ray J feature for this?

Vince Staples: We don't need a Ray J feature, we not ready for nothing like that. We just need a cosign

Chris Brown - Interlude (Vince Staples) (Song Lyrics)
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