Famous Lyrics

[Ray J + Chris Brown]
I just wanna flex on my ex
I just put my name on a check
Niggas smokin' propane on the jet
Bitches doin' cocaine on the jet
Fuck all the hater shit, know that you see me
Big wheels, I'm whippin' the Lamborghini
I see you act like I ain't nobody
Tryna fuck a nigga high up with your issues
Talkin' 'bout, "Baby I miss you"
Sentimental and I'm about to put you in your place
You think a nigga wanna diss you
What I've been through, I got too much heart for this pencil
Damn right
I know that you cry when you're goin' to sleep every damn night
Damn lights and I ain't gon' cry
'Cause I'll fuck around and make another one...

[Ray J + Chris Brown]
Make another one famous
Make another one famous
Oh no, no

[Chris Brown]
Sick of the lies
Bitch, just look at the time, look at it shine
Yeah, knowin' I'm fine
Knowin' you bitches won't fuck up my vibe
Bitch, you a bum
Sorry I ain't mean it, know where I'm from
Automatic tat-tat-tat out the drum
Got that paper, nigga, I got the funds
Bitches schemin', nigga, already knowin'
Hoochie season and she already hoein'
She Beliziean, 'bout to give her the foreign
She about to bring the best out of me
She got the GPS, know where I'm goin'
She from the 'jects, but I took her to Florence
Gave her that check so that bitch could get on
Pinkie ring, yeah it's stainless, put you in danger then I made you

[Ray J + Chris Brown]
Make another one famous
Make another one famous
Oh no, no

[Ray J]
Bitch I'm alive, yeah I'm alive
Yeah bitch, I'm alive
Told you fuck niggas you'll see me in time
And to all my ex bitches just tellin' those lies
I told the judge, my right hand to the sky
It wasn't me, I'm not that kinda guy
She fuck me for fame, look in her eyes
She was the first one to sign on the line
She was the real one that planned it all out
Look at the family, they walk around proud
All because she had my dick in her mouth
Wanna have me in bed while you fuckin' your spouse
Shows that you still a rat and your man Mickey Mouse
Gotta stay strapped when you walk around now
I got me a badass wife, and I'm happy now, yeah

[Ray J + Chris Brown]
Make another one famous
Make another one famous
Oh no, no

Chris Brown & Ray J - Famous (Song Lyrics)
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