Eliza And The Bear Lyrics
Eliza And The Bear
Hometown: London. The lineup: James Kellegher (lead vocals, guitar), Callie Noakes (vocals, keyboards), Martin Dukelow (vocals, guitar), Chris Brand (bass), Paul Kevin Jackson (drums). The background: Eliza and the Bear are a promising new indie rock band from London. Of course, in a week in which My Bloody Valentine have returned with a new album that forces us to focus once again on what an indie rock band, new or old, can achieve with the usual instruments in an averagely appointed recording studio, "promising" is a relative term. In this case, the promise is not of a band who will be reinventing the wheel, but of a band who will undoubtedly prove of value at gigs and festivals over the next few months. It's a low ambition from a band who put a high premium on good old-fashioned rousing indie entertainment.