(Let me live, let me live, let me live)
Peak in my life, check if you like just what you see
Though you might disagree with my plight
This shit that I write is just like therapeutic for me
There's no shooters for me
Just some niggas that wanna prove to me they down
I rarely bring 'em 'round, cause they still stuck in their ways
Mindstate still the same
Can't help nobody till they ready to change
But I don't give up, I'll be here waiting for you the day you decide that you'll no longer be a slave to your pride
Until then, keep your head on a swivel
For my niggas that dibble, dabble in street life
Hopin' to get a nibble of American pie, equality
An arrogant lie told
Lied about by people that hold power
Listen, this is a setup
I know you feel the rush that niggas get when dollars switch hands
And you can say you got your bread up
But don't be short sided
See, it's a war that's goin' on outside
Nigga, you got to know about this shit to fight it
I wanna help you through
I'm on the road to sanity with all humanity behind us
Hope they comin' too
These words I spoke are nothin' new
There's nothin' that I [...]
There's nothin' that you cannot do
The true is right aside of you
Through troubled waters just canoe
Have faith for something greater than to guide you through
These words are for all, me and you

J. Cole - Eyez Freestyle (Song Lyrics)
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