I Didn't Hit Her Lyrics

Phone in my face, now her screen cracked
Bitch really tryna make a move
She playin' games like 2K, but I spent that on my sweater too
Wrist lookin' like the 50 bands from that last diss that I did on you
Now they mad I'm making better moves, now they can't afford to be up in my shoes
Jordan 12s and they OVOs
Big nose tried to lie on me like Pinocchio
All of these fake accusations got me tied up like its 0-0
Now I'm mad and I needed that 'cause the diss tracks I was laying low
Had to come back like a season pass
Should be doin' more like a season low
Made it seem like I beat her ass
I ain't lay a finger on that bitch at all
I just called my lawyer up and he told me he gon' get it solved
I thought she was high up
But the thing she doing is really low
This thot made a lie up
So fuck her and her shitty show
Have fans but you lied to them
But I guess that's what you really like doing
Saw my neck, put some ice to it
Now I'm on a roll like I'm bike moving
Tana Mongeau tells fake stories
And you are too(R2) like a gun shooting
Didn't hit her but I threw her phone
Like I'm Odell with the spike moves
I remember I was sitting down
When she walked up and started kidding around
Said, "Get the phone out my face"
But she didn't so I had to knock it out
Now she claiming that I scratched her up and beat her ass and pinned her down
All the lies, yeah, they getting old like they been around
Guess that's how we getting down
Keep talking 'bout a ghostwriter
Shoutout to my boy Diss God, but this time I had no writers
All the blogs looking so bias
Lies put me under pressure
Got these hoes mad like a feminist when you just assume they gender
And it's not fair cause she lied on me
Putting all this false light on me
A lot of people switched up but shoutout to the ones that still ride with me (woo, woo, woo)
You look like you took a bite out of the Apple logo
I need you to back, back, back, back up just to take a photo
Claiming that I gave you bruises that was already there
That's the best part
Showing all those scratches on you but I really think those are stretch marks

RiceGum - I Didn't Hit Her (TheGabbieShow Diss Track) (Song Lyrics)

RiceGum - I Didn't Hit Her (TheGabbieShow Diss Track) (YouTube Video and Karaoke)

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