I was gonna roast you
But youtube changed their rules
Now I can't even roast you
I might have to let this slide, yeah
But you were being really mean
And you hurt my feelings
And I been thinking so much
That Ima roast her anyways and say
"Fuck Kristen and her long neck boyfriend"

Yeah guys, man, cyber-bullying is a real thing, man, you can't just close your eyes nowadays, man
you know there is so much bullies out there you know so much harassment so that's why you gotta spread positivity at all times
Let's get it (RiceGum) (RiceGum)

You're voice is not annoying and you look great without makeup (makeup)
Your boyfriend neck is short
Man I hope y'all never break up (goals)
Sorry for insulting
I know Musical.ly's are hard
I didn't see your talent because it is off the charts (so talented)
I saw you roasting me
And everything you said was clever (so clever)
Everything that I do
You could probably do it better (so better)
Your not a little girl
Your seventeen which makes you grown (skurt, skurt)
You are an example of why all kids should have phones (bruh, bruh)
Your boyfriend does have eyebrows
I don't know what I was saying (what was I saying?)
Out of all the lip syncers I think you are my favorite (number one)
You said I look like Jack Frost and I'm scrawny I agree (that's me)
Keep grinding and one day you will be bigger than me (way bigger)
Sorry I was wrong you're not a Kylie Jenner wannabe (nope)
Hey YouTube, does this all fit the policy? (yeah)

Yeah guys spread positivity, man, spread positivity, man, no more negativity no more bullying
Swag swag positive vibes, positive vibes
Yeah yeah yeah...

RiceGum - Kristen Hancher And Her Boyfriend Diss Track (Song Lyrics)

RiceGum - Kristen Hancher And Her Boyfriend Diss Track (YouTube Video and Karaoke)

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