Rock Boyz Music Group Lyrics
Rock Boyz Music Group

Original, trendsetting, charismatic, intelligent, confident; those are just a few words to describe Rock Boyz. Possessing these qualities may seem effortless for them but it didn’t come overnight. Tha Island Boy Raised in Goodwill, Jahniah & Highest Frossest Raised in scotts head.

At an early stage in their chosen career hard times seemed like a regular thing in the life of the group. Rock Boyz kept feeling like they were misunderstood, because they did dancehall/Rap/Hip-hop music and as many of you our readers would know Dominicans hardly give a strong support Towards local dancehall/Rap & Hip-Hop. Rock Boyz are just loners trapped in popular bodies.

Everyone always knew who they were because of the flashy dressing style and music skills. Before Rock Boyz ever thought of becoming a recording group their passion was in the game of basketball and football. Their dream’s were to become NBA and Football superstars and nothing else. They would practice day and night, play school and Street championship ball, dribble around the house getting on everyone’s nerves but their dedication was undeniable.

Being the place that it is of low opportunities, Dominica, They slowly diminish their love for the game. By this time Rock Boyz Friendship Grew and the feeling to delve into music as well, they thought long and hard about the decision to pursue this aspect of the arts and when they realized their love for music could become a career, they began writing raps, freestyling over beats, and next thing saw them falling in love with it. They soon decided they would give music their full attention and began training as if it were a sport. It was very difficult for them in the beginning but determination would not let them give up.

Hard work, consistency, and a Never Give Up attitude are all virtues Rock Boyz have carried throughout their journey in life. They have now found themselves to be somewhat living in the studio and also working hard to start withdrawing from clubs and parties so Rock Boyz Music Group will start to evolve.

They are developing their skills day and night not taking any breaks. They’ve become a slave to their craft and are on a course to perfecting their sound keeping an insane work ethic. the group is also studying film and editing from home and taught themselves how to direct and edit videos. Rock Boyz are sure in their quest to become famous with calls from label execs, managers, and celebrities reaching out to them, but they are aware the road will not be as easy.

As an independent Group Rock boyz Music is on a mission for success and won’t stop at nothing short of it. With their new found self Rock Boyz Music Group is inviting their Fans to embark on this journey and come along as they climb to the top of the mountain.