Have you ever climbed the mountain?
Have you ever crossed the sea?
Take a look around the corner
And listen to your heartbeat

Have you ever touched the rainbow
Take a ride in the ferris wheel
It takes one step to start a journey
It's up to you, to make it real

This is the time for yourself to be free
You gotta follow your heart
This is the time in your life and it's never too late
To see the light in the dark
You gotta follow your heart

Walking far away horizons
You will never walk alone
You'll be at home where your heart is
A million miles away from home

Show me the way, who knows the way
This is the only road to go
Life brings me down, it takes me up
And only, only heaven knows

Scorpions - Follow Your Heart (Song Lyrics)

Scorpions - Follow Your Heart (YouTube Video and Karaoke)

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