Starrah Lyrics

Starman was a British pop band formed in 2009 by Andrew Stone, a dance teacher at London-based Pineapple Dance Studios. The band line-up initially consisted of Andrew Stone, Jesus Ruiz, Craig Custance, Mickey Cowdroy, Rosalee O'Connell and Luka Cadez. Starman described their music as a high-energy mix of pop and 1980s electro, with a broad range of beats, melodies and riffs.

They performed several gigs across the UK in summer 2010, including T4 on the Beach and Party in the Park. The band featured in the Pineapple Dance Studios UK TV show, which had approximately 9.4 million viewers, and the follow-up, Louie Spence's Showbusiness, which aired in 2011. Their début single, "I Don’t Wanna Dance", was released on 26 April 2010. After being ignored by a succession of record companies and independent record labels, the second single "My Christmas Wish" (released 20 December 2010) was funded by Sky to support Louie Spence's Showbusiness. Starman have also been made part of The Sims games franchise.